Bharti Airtel Price Hike: Revised 2024

Airtel Price hike and learn about queuing

We have seen how telecom giants have captured the Indian market leaving consumers with fewer options. Bharti Airtel and Jio are classy cases of such settings.

Following Reliance Jio’s footsteps, Bharti Airtel will increase tariffs on prepaid and postpaid plans starting July 3.

Importantly, while rates have increased across the board, providers have kept benefits such as call minutes and data allocations unchanged.

The upcoming price hike, which ranges from 10-21 percent across various plans, is part of Bharti Airtel’s strategy to ensure financial health and sustainability.

The company emphasizes that the average revenue per user (ARPU) needs to exceed Rs 300 to support the substantial investments required in network technology and spectrum, while also offering a modest return on capital.

Additionally, Airtel has revised its entry-level criteria for free unlimited 5G access. Previously, users could access 5G on more affordable plans, but now only plans to offer 2GB of data per day or more will include this benefit

Bharti Airtel revised prepaid plan tariffs

Airtel significantly increased rates across various prepaid packages in its revised plans.

Unlimited voice plans, which offer data alongside unlimited calling and SMS benefits, are among those most affected.

 The basic plan, previously priced at Rs 179 for 28 days with 2GB of data, will now cost Rs 199.

he 84-day plan, which provides 6GB of data, has increased from Rs 455 to Rs 509. The annual plan offering 24GB of data has risen from Rs 1799 to Rs 1999

Airtel increased the price of the 56-day plan with 1.5GB/day from Rs 479 to Rs 579 and the 2GB/day plan for the same duration from Rs 549 to Rs 649

The 84-day plan with 1.5GB/day rose from Rs 719 to Rs 859, and the 2GB/day plan now costs Rs 979, up from Rs 839.

The annual plan offering 2GB/day experienced a significant jump from Rs 2999 to Rs 3599.

Note: All plans that provide 2GB of data per day or more will include unlimited 5G data.

Bharti Airtel Revised Plan

Airtel Vs Jio VS VI: Comparison & Benefits

Jio’s one-month prepaid plans have seen substantial adjustments. The entry-level plan, priced at Rs 155, will now cost Rs 189. 

This plan includes unlimited voice calls, 2GB of data, and SMS benefits for 28 days. 

The popular Rs 249 plan has been increased to Rs 299 and offers 1GB of data per day along with unlimited calls and SMS.

For higher data needs, the Rs 399 plan, up from Rs 349, provides 2.5GB of daily data. The Rs 449 plan, previously Rs 399, now offers 3GB of daily data for 28 days, making it a suitable choice for heavy data users.

Two-month plans have also been revised. The Rs 579 plan now costs Rs 629, providing 1.5GB of data daily, while the Rs 629 plan, formerly Rs 533, offers 2GB of data per day for 56 days.

JIO Price Airtel Price VI Price

While Jio is slightly more affordable, Airtel and Vi offer similar pricing for some plans. Notably, Jio and Airtel offer unlimited 5G data with plans that include 2GB/day or more, while Vi is set to launch 5G services in the country.

Future lies in Queuing Plans

Queuing a plan means you can do multiple recharges to stock up on prepaid plans with the current tariffs. You can activate these packs one after the other over some time and you will not be affected by any tariff hike

How to queue plans on Reliance Jio

It’s quite simple to queue a plan on Reliance Jio. Just follow the below steps:

First, select a plan to recharge with, we suggest you opt for a plan with a higher validity such as 90 days or 180 days.

Now, recharge with this plan.

You can go to MyJio and below the present plan, you will be able to see the queued-up plans.

You can click the ‘Activate’ button to activate a queued-up plan.

How to queue plans on Airtel

For Airtel users, before you begin, ensure you are on an unlimited plan, not a smart recharge. Once this is done, follow the below steps to queue a plan

To queue a plan on Airtel, all you need to do is recharge your number with the plan of your choice from the Airtel Thanks app or the company’s website.

Like Jio, we recommend you to opt for a plan with a validity of 90 days or 180 days for maximum benefit.

You can see the status of your current plan and your upcoming plans on the Airtel Thanks app.

Airtel allows you to queue plans for up to 180 days at a time.

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