Smart-Home Applications For Buy In India

Best Smart Home Devices
Best Smart Home Devices

Hello, friends hope you guys are having good health in this pandemic. Today I will help you to find some Smart-Home applications. Nowadays there are many smart-home applications are available in India like we can do many things by sitting in one place only. We can control many devices of our home using new modern technology like Television, Air Conditioner, Blubls, and many more. So we are going to introduce some devices today here.

In this post, you will find many devices that will help you to use new technology without changing big applications. Some small devices will help you to use new technology. You can make your old fan into a smart fan by using some smart devices. After buying some smart devices you will be able to control many devices from your smartphone. Some of them will be operated from google assistant or Alexa also.

Let us know which devices are going to help us for making a smart home:-

1. Halonix Smart IOT Ceiling Fan Kit

Guys, this kit will help you to make your old Fans into modern Fans. After its installation it allows you to control your Fan from a remote or your smartphone. By using this kit you don’t have to change your big application. You can make you all fans into modern fans and control it from anywhere. This kit has a simple process to install, you can do it yourself also by reading its caption. It is compatible with Google Home & Alexa Home. It has an easy setup to use this, it supports timer control features that allow you to set the time how much you long want to use continuously. The app control support is also the best part of this ceiling fan kit that will help you to control it from far also. The amazing part of this fan kit is that it can be controlled by Remote, by Voice as well as App.

2. Wipro Smart Plug

Wipro Smart Plug is the best device for making your old applications to use in modern type. As we are here for knowing smart devices that make our home smart this device will roll the main part for making your home smart. By plugging any device to supply by using this Wipro smart plug you’ll be able to control that device from your smartphone or voice control. It also monitors the energy consumption of the device that you plugged in it and it is a good feature for us also to monitor how much energy we are consuming. Wipro has made such an amazing device for us. It works with Google Assistant as well as Alexa also. You can plug in your Television, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Electric Kettle, and many more. This Smart Plug offers to set the time how much you want to keep on your device.

3. Wipro Smart Blub

Wipro Smart Blub is also going to help us for making our home smart. This Wipro Smart blub supports 16 Million outstanding Colors. It works with Google Assistant as well as Alexa also. It allows you to customize the color as you want and brightness as you need. It is a 9 Watt Smart bulb that will not consume heavy energy. It comes with a 2-year warranty that is a good option from the Wipro brand. It is famous for making the best quality smart devices for making our home smart. It supports music function which means its color will change as what music you play. This will make your party night room full of enjoyment. The color-changing option is the best I love these features and recommend them to my friends and family members to use this.

4. Mi Home Security Camera 1080p

Mi 360 Degree Security camera allows you to keep your home safe. It supports the AI motion detection feature with a camera angle of 110 degrees. It has Infrared Night Vission so that it will record at night with clear vision. It has a perfect picture quality that is good for us for keeping our eyes visible at home. It supports up to 64 GB of Memory of Class 10 and above.

5. Echo Dot

Alexa is one of the most advanced technologies that will help you to control all the above-listed devices from voice only. All the above-listed devices are compatible with this Alexa smart device. There are many Echo Dot off different generations so you can buy as you want or as your budget. To control all devices with this you need to just install Alexa App and connect all devices with it.

Note: These devices will make your home smart and give the best experience of using devices only with voice.

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