Is Real or Fake?

86 Review Review

Are you interested in online part-time jobs and have checked but not sure if it is genuine or fake. Workzly claims to offer good returns on online part-time jobs.

In today’s review, I’m going to review another online business website, Workzly. In this review, we will discuss in-depth information about Workzly Services, Payment Methods, Payment verification, and more. Let’s get started.

Workzly is a freelancing website that offers job opportunities like Ad posting jobs, Job description writing jobs, Resume writing jobs, Content writing jobs, Online survey jobs, Online typing jobs, Product description writing, Proofreading jobs, Translation Jobs and many more.

Ad Posting Jobs25 upload
Job Description Writing Jobs12 to 20 Every hour
Resume Writing Jobs20 to 50 per job
Content Writing Jobs300 to 4,000 per month
Online Survey Jobs1 to 7 per survey
Online Typing Jobs15 to 30 per page
Product Description Writing5 to 500 per hour Details

Website NameWorkzly
Website URL
Website CatagoryFreelancing
Contact Email[email protected]
Real or FakeMostly Fake

Workzly Website is either Real or Fake

Workzly’s website offers a wide variety of job opportunities with high compensation options. In my opinion, Workzly is a fake and fraudulent website for the following reasons.

Many users give very negative reviews for Workzly.

It does not provide users with customer support and interaction options on the website.

Simply Designed website where elements overlap each other.

The actual website has a decent information and settings page but this website does not.

This website has a lot of ads which makes its interface look like a scam.

Workzly offers fake job opportunities with high salary options.

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  • Easy to use.
  • A lot of job opportunities.
  • Higher payout.


  • Simply designed website.
  • Ads Available.
  • No Customer Support.
  • No Information about Founders & Developers.
  • No social media presence.
  • Fake job opportunities.
  • No proper contact options.


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