Tesla 91 Earning Apk Fake or Real?


Tesla 91 Earning Apk Review: With every passing day, the number of internet users in India is increasing due to cheap internet plans. There are a lot of unemployed people in the country, who look for ways of earning money from the internet.

There are various ways to make money online as well as scams happening on the internet. In today’s post, we are going to review one such app Tesla 91 earning app. This app claims to be a money-earning app for the users. Read till the end of the article to find out, if it’s real or fake.

Tesla 91 Earning App Review

What is the Tesla 91 Earning App?

We are sure that you would have heard about the Tesla 91 earning app by now due to its growing popularity on the internet. In this post we are going to discuss, the reliability of the claims made by the app. The app is claiming to give returns of 3x to 4x for its users.

The main source of revenue for the user is the commissions which are earned by completing the investment ask given in the app. Another source of revenue provided by the app is the option to refer the app to your family and friends.

Though the app is making big promises for its users to make big money, there is no clarity about the people who will help in making this possible. There is no clarity about the founder of the app.

App specifications

  • Name of app: Tesla 91
  • App Category: Quick money-earning App
  • Genuineness: Likely Fake

User Experience and Interface

The user interface of the app is found to be very poorly designed based on the multiple user reviews on the internet. Reviews also say that all the things shown in the app look completely fake. The tasks given in the app are also very easy which makes it very difficult to trust the app. These simple tasks would not create any value for anyone, so how will they generate money for the users is the question that comes to mind.

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Earning Potential and Payment Methods

The earning potential from the online sources are much higher in comparison to the normal jobs or any kind of work. The nature of high income from the online sources is due to its vast reach of offering value to huge customer base.

The clams of this app were similar as well. The offered attractive returns of the 3x to 4x to its users by performing simple task. The another method to earn money from this app is to refer it to other users. This referral scam is also becoming very common in such online money making methods.

This is not a registered firm where you can easily invest with trust. A lot of money invested by users in this app has not been able to get recovered and mostly got scammed with no returns at all.

User Reviews and Ratings

As per the reviews given by users from 2023 October, the app is said to be offering fake Investment plans for the users. As per the user reviews also the withdrawal from the app gets disabled when the user is reaching its withdrawal limits. The number of complaints that has been reached for the app on the online forums are nearing hundreds in numbers. Bad reviews are posted in lot of forums by the users of app on the internet.

Security and Privacy Concerns

The security of the app is in question because there is no information about the founder or official contact details. There is question mark about the data of the users who have registered on the app because they don’t know who is handling this data. There can be multiple misuses can be committed from the data of the users of the app. We recommend to stay away from giving any personal information which can be of value to the users in the app.

Customer Support and Responsiveness

There are no official contact details for the users of the app. In this fast moving world, where every company has its online presence through social media. This app does not have even a single social media handle where user can reach out to the company. This is another sign of a fake and scam app. Any genuine app would focus highly on listening to the customer’s problems as they deal with their hard-earned money. But in the case of these apps, they run away after some time with the users money.

Comparison with Similar Apps

In comparison to other apps this app showcases the certificates and proof of the users who have made the money from the app. When looked into details these certificates and proof are found to be fake, as per the online forums. Like other online scams, this app is not available on the app stores, this can only be taken from the existing users which makes this app as Ponzi scheme.

Expert Opinions and Verdicts

Looking at the claims of the app to make easy money for its users and rise in the number of scam apps in the online world. We highly recommend the readers of this article to not trust this app with your money. The apps seem to be yet another scam. It is not just about your money; your data is also at risk with the usage of this app. Better decision would be to invest in the stock market, if you are of legal age than to go for such scam apps, at least you will know who made you lose or profit at the end of the day


Where is the registered office of Tesla 91 Earning App?

There is no clarity of the registration details of the company or its office either online or offline.

Who are the promoters of Tesla 91 Earning App?

There are no signs of the promoters details of the app

Does Tesla 91 Earning App pay money?

As per the user reviews the payment mechanism of the app gets disabled automatically when the user reach the withdrawal limit of the app.

Does Tesla 91 Earning App have privacy concerns?

Due to a lack of clarity and lack privacy policies, user data cannot be trusted with this app


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