Top Solar Companies in India

Top Solar Companies in India
Top Solar Companies in India

The world needs to switch to an alternative fuel because the oceans are dying, hundreds of animal and plant species are going extinct every day, and the times clearly demand it. a fuel that possesses the dependability and practicality of fossil fuels. Automakers have determined that electric vehicles are the way of the future. However, even that has downsides of its own.

How would it be to utilize the sun, which is arguably the most abundant source of energy? Although solar energy has been available for a long, it hasn’t yet gained widespread acceptance. In retrospect, the solar industry in India is at a pivotal point. The country intends to promote solar energy as a reliable source of power. And some businesses are taking on the duty to accomplish that. We conducted a thorough investigation and located the major solar industry operators in India. Look at this:

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1. Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd.

The top solar company in India is this one, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power. The largest solar company in India is based in Bengaluru. When it comes to solar sector innovation, Tata Power Solar Systems has been at the forefront.

The company is working on many cutting-edge solar projects with the lofty goal of providing electricity for the masses while leaving no carbon imprint at all. Tata Power Solar Systems not only has the funds and the ambition to turn India completely solar, but they also have access to some cutting-edge technologies to make their vision a reality.


EMMVEE, based in Bengaluru and run by DV Manjunatha, is one of the country’s most diversified solar firms. They deal in anything from sophisticated photovoltaic cells to water heaters that are fueled by the sun.

It’s amazing what the company has accomplished in such a short amount of time when you consider that it was just formed in 1992. One of the nation’s leading and fastest-growing solar enterprises, EMMVEE has pioneered the road for ground-breaking innovation in the solar sector.

3. Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Young, vibrant, and rising solar module producer Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. operates a 100 MW state-of-the-art factory in Haryana, India. The business produces poly and monocrystalline solar PV modules ranging in power from 10 to 340 watts. Loom Solar mono panels are a cutting-edge product that functions in low light and overcast conditions.

The panels have a 25-year warranty, are RoHS compliant, and feature 5 Bus bar technology, which means they are PID resistant and have no components that endanger human life. Ex-Luminous executive Amol Anand founded Loom Solar in 2018, and it already has a nationwide dealer and distributor network of more than 1,000. 2000 households have been converted to solar power in 700 Indian cities.

4. Icomm Tele Ltd.

Icomm Tele Ltd., founded in 1989, is one of the very few Indian businesses with a global presence. To begin with, the company is well-established in several Middle Eastern nations as well as nations including Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Icomm, one of the top solar businesses in India, offers a variety of solar solutions for the infrastructure, telecom, and power industries. You must be considered one of the top companies in India’s solar business when you can brag about such diversity.

5. Moser Baer Solar Ltd. (MBSL)

Similar to Icomm, MBSL has a huge global footprint. However, based on current efficiency levels, the company’s solar potential in India is only 250 MW. The business became one of the main proponents of Kerala’s ANERT program, which intended to install solar panels on rooftops of residential buildings, in 2013.

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Deepak Puri’s MBSL is making great advances toward turning India into one of the most important hubs for solar energy generation.

6. Indosolar Ltd.

Bhushan Kumar Gupta just created Indoslar in 2008. However, the business has already begun producing solar panels and other equipment for the Indian and international markets in less than ten years of operations. It has established itself as one of the top solar enterprises in India with a production capacity of 450 MW.

7. Waaree Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Waaree Solar, which was established in 1989, has risen to the top of the Indian solar industry. It produces a variety of solar equipment, much like any excellent business. The company also sells industrial valves and process control equipment in addition to solar energy. In addition, the business has a substantial global footprint.

8. Websol Energy System Ltd.

Websol had some initial financial difficulties, but it quickly overcame them and rose to become one of India’s top solar businesses. The company wants to increase public access to solar energy.

9. Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.

The parent firm of Vikram Solar has more than 40 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing. It is acknowledged as one of the most well-known solar enterprises in the subcontinent because of its heritage. West Bengal, they have one of the biggest solar power plants. The solar company has previously completed several fruitful projects in the states of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.

10. Photon Energy Systems Ltd.

Photon Energy Systems’ active R&D division is its USP. With cutting-edge equipment and technologies, Photon has managed to make a name for itself as a significant Indian solar enterprise. The business is involved in the creation of solar thermal and PV systems.

The beginning of many changes that control the world we live in today was the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition to urbanizing people and hastening economic expansion, it brought us the internal combustion engine, which profoundly altered the course of human history.

Even with all the ease that fossil fuel-powered machinery offers, there is always an ethical quandary associated with it. Nature is the price that all of this comes at. It is laudable that these businesses are making an effort to increase solar power’s usability and accessibility. Solar power appears to be the energy of the future because it has no negative effects on the environment.

Conclusion –

Over the past ten years, the solar energy sector in India has experienced substantial expansion, making it one of the world’s top producers and users of solar energy. The leading solar firms in India have been instrumental in this success by fostering innovation, advancing sustainability, and providing clients with high-quality goods and services.

Adani Solar, Tata Power Solar, Azure Power, Vikram Solar, and Waaree Energies are a few of the leading solar businesses in India. These businesses are well-established in the market and offer a variety of goods and services, such as solar modules, solar cells, solar pumps, and rooftop solar systems.

Overall, with expanding government support, supportive legislation, and a growing public understanding of the advantages of renewable energy, the future of the solar energy sector in India appears bright. The best solar companies in India are well-positioned to take the lead in fostering sustainable growth and advocating for a cleaner, greener future for all as solar energy demand rises.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the top solar companies in India?

Some of the top solar companies in India are Adani Solar, Tata Power Solar, Azure Power, Vikram Solar, and Waaree Energies, among others.

2. What products and services do these companies offer?

These companies offer a wide range of products and services, including solar modules, solar cells, solar pumps, and rooftop solar solutions.

3. What is the future outlook for the solar energy industry in India?

The future outlook for the solar energy industry in India looks promising, with increasing government support, favorable policies, and growing public awareness of the benefits of renewable energy.


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