Best Sniper Games for Android & IOS (Free & Paid)

Best Sniper Games for Android & IOS (Free & Paid)
Best Sniper Games for Android & IOS (Free & Paid)

A good action-packed game is a favorite of all gamers. Shooter games are renowned for doing just that. FPS shooters and battle royale games consistently rank at the top of the lists among all shooter games.

You might be seeking different sniper-based games if you enjoy using snipers in these games or if you simply adore snipers in general. The finest sniper games for Android & iOS may be a question for anyone looking to play them on their Android smartphone. Your query is addressed in every item on this list.

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Some of the top sniper games for Android that we have found are those listed below.

1. Lonewolf Sniper Games

Lonewolf Sniper Games
Lonewolf Sniper Games

A neo-noir story-driven sniper journey will be presented in Lonewolf Sniper, a challenging and dramatic game. You’ll assume the role of a shadowy assassin and track down targets by learning their identities.

By gaining access to different weapons and improving them, you may feel the excitement of the hunt. One of the greatest sniper games for Android is this one, which features a 5+ hour story mode and 30 missions. You’re kept on the edge of your seat with hand-drawn cutscenes and objectives that interpret the tale. There are dozens of mini-games with different shooting ranges to discover once you’ve finished the story mode. Therefore, give Lonewolf a shot if you’re searching for a solid offline sniper game on Android.

2. Hitman Sniper (Paid)

Hitman Sniper (Paid)
Hitman Sniper (Paid)

It might be the most exciting game to play if you want to play as a hitman in a sniper environment. As a professional hitman playing the part of Agent 47, you hit the streets to murder the targets you have been hired to kill.

You may test your marksmanship and strategy in the game’s more than 150 missions and 10 different contracts. With the use of 16 different guns that you can gather and enhance, you can carry out assassinations and uncover mysteries. Even your buddies can challenge each other for first place on the leaderboards.

Hitman Sniper is unquestionably worth checking out, whether you’re a lover of sniper games or simply seeking a gripping narrative with challenging gameplay. So take your phone and start today’s best silent assassin in the world!

3. Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper Games
Modern Sniper Games

This is the game we’ll move on to next. As the name suggests, you will play as a contemporary sniper, complete numerous missions, and kill adversaries. Although the game is short in size, it has fantastic graphics.

Around 50 crime shooter missions in this game require you to employ your shooting prowess. The game’s 10MB size is excellent if you don’t have much memory. It is time-based combat, so you have a set amount of time to eliminate the enemy in a single attack.

The game has breathtaking locales, six different maps, and seven real-world weaponry that you may select from and improve. Try this one out if you enjoy shooter games or are just searching for an exciting experience.

4. Sierra 7- Tactical Shooter

Sierra 7- Tactical Shooter
Sierra 7- Tactical Shooter

A tactical operator caught up in a war, Sierra 7 is a first-person sniper shooter that transports you on a journey. There will be tenacious and resolute adversaries as well as enemies who are ready to fight for their cause.

With more than 12 hours of action-packed gameplay in this exciting game, you’ll get to experience a mix of arcade action and realism. As you advance through the game, you’ll be able to acquire and upgrade a variety of guns. Against foes located all across the world, you’ll fight in a tactical first-person shooter battle.

Players can view your customized characters, equipment, and weapons inside the game. Overall, Sierra 7 is one of the greatest sniper games for Android and offers gamers who enjoy sniper games a fantastic gaming experience.

5. Sniper Arena: PVP Army Shooter

Sniper Arena: PVP Army Shooter
Sniper Arena: PVP Army Shooter

The next game is Sniper Arena: PVP Army Shooter. This game pits you in a “Sniper vs Sniper” duel against countless other snipers from all around the world.

Participants can take part in live chats while watching matches both online and offline. By participating in several game modes including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and dominance, the main objective is to advance in rank.

The simple controls of this game let you experience the rush of adrenaline from the battlefield right in your hands. Your professional tools, such as sniper guns and ammunition, must be upgraded, and you and your pals must form an unstoppable team to climb the leaderboards. Therefore, join the battle to demonstrate your sniper skills in the Sniper Arena universe.

6. Pure Sniper: Gun Shooter game

Pure Sniper: Gun Shooter games
Pure Sniper: Gun Shooter games

The entertaining sniper shooting game Pure Sniper was created by the well-known gaming developer Miniclip. This game’s offline campaign gameplay and online PVP warfare combine to make a fun new game mode.

Even though the game’s name includes the word “sniper,” it is not only a sniper game. You have access to sniper rifles as well as machine guns, shotguns, and pistols. You must finish over 400 missions using those weapons, and fresh special events appear frequently. You’ll be in awe of the game’s incredible graphics and slow-motion kill shots.

As you upgrade your high-power sniper pistol for more precision and range, you must gather various weapons from each area. No matter where you are, you’ll love playing this sniper shooter game because of its flexible controls and stunning graphics-based images.

7. Last Hope Sniper: Zombie War

Last Hope Sniper: Zombie War
Last Hope Sniper: Zombie War

The entertaining sniper shooting game Pure Sniper was created by Miniclip, a well-known game developer. This game creates an exciting new game mode by fusing offline campaign gameplay with multiplayer PVP fighting in real time.

Despite the word “sniper” being in the title, this game is not merely a sniper game. You also have access to machine guns, shotguns, handguns, and sniper rifles. You must finish more than 400 missions using those weapons, and new special events are constantly appearing.

The player will be astounded by the slow-motion kill shots in this game, which has excellent visuals. To increase your high-power sniper pistol’s accuracy and range, you must collect various weapons from each area. You’ll like playing this sniper shooting game wherever you are because of its flexible controls and beautiful graphics-based aesthetics.

8. Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury
Sniper Fury

Developed by the well-known gaming firm Miniclip, Pure Sniper is a fun sniper shooting game. An exciting new game mode is created by this game’s combination of an offline campaign mode with multiplayer PVP warfare.

This game is not merely a sniper game, despite the word “sniper” appearing in the name. Besides sniper rifles, you also have access to machine guns, shotguns, and pistols. You need to finish over 400 missions using those weapons, and there are always fresh special events happening. You’ll be in awe of the slow-motion death shots in this game and its excellent graphics.

You need to upgrade your high-power sniper pistol for better accuracy and range by collecting various weapons from each area. No matter where you are, playing this sniper shooting game will be fun because of its adaptable controls and amazing graphics-based images.

9. Sniper Honor

Sniper Honor
Sniper Honor

This is the game to play if you’re looking for a graphically attractive sniper shooter with excellent gameplay. You get to engage in a bloody shooting scenario against the city’s gangs or the highest-ranking member of the criminal forces.

The basic objective of this game is to finish numerous missions, arenas, and aid goods. When you complete objectives, you’ll have the ability to enhance your equipment as you fight gang members, evil bosses, and undead.

The game is offline and free, so you can play it whenever and anywhere you choose. If you want a challenging, enjoyable shooting game, try Sniper Honor, one of the best sniper games available.

10. Killshot Bravo: Free 3D

Kilshot Bravo: Free 3D
Killshot Bravo: Free 3D

This is the tenth and last game in our list of the greatest sniper games for Android. As a member of the special forces, you must destroy enemy military installations and bring about world peace.

With the game’s 4000 missions, you can travel the world and battle numerous enemies. The game also has live PvP sniper matches, bounty events, alliances, and avatar customization possibilities.

In this game, you can work together to complete risky objectives by forming teams, exchanging plans via in-game chat, and working together. Whether you’re slaying zombies, fighting in PvP, or customizing your gear, Kill Shot Bravo never gets boring.

Conclusion –

The development of top-notch sniper games for both Android and iOS has exploded in the mobile gaming business. The selection of thrilling and difficult games on the list of the top sniper games for 2023 reflects the wide range of gaming interests. Players have a wide range of alternatives, from paid games like Hitman Sniper, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Sniper Fury to no-cost games like Modern Sniper and Lonewolf.

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Every game has its distinct characteristics, gameplay, and plot, which appeals to a variety of gamers. The games on the above list are enjoyable regardless of whether you enjoy first-person shooter games or tactical games. These games provide an immersive gaming experience that will keep you captivated for hours because of their superb graphics, realistic sound effects, and fun gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these sniper games free to play?

Some of the games are free to play, such as Sniper 3D and Lonewolf, while others like Hitman Sniper and Sniper Fury are paid games.

2. Can I play these sniper games offline?

Most sniper games can be played offline, but some may require an internet connection for certain features.

3. What type of gameplay do these sniper games offer?

These sniper games offer a range of gameplay styles, including first-person shooter, tactical, and stealth-based gameplay.

4. What kind of graphics and sound effects can I expect from these sniper games?

Most sniper games feature realistic graphics and sound effects that enhance the gaming experience.

5. Can I play these games on low-end devices?

Some of the games may require higher-end devices to run smoothly, but there are also options available that can be played on low-end devices.


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