5 Best App Locker Apps For Android In 2023

5 Best App Locker Apps For Android In 2023
5 Best App Locker Apps For Android In 2023

The App locker is best app to protect your personal file, photos, video and some other stuff from watching someone else. App locker can hide also app like WhatsApp, telegram, paytm, gallery and any other app that you want to hide. The locker has much smart option to hide data by changing the app icon design and having hard lock system that helps you to protect data.

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1. App lock pro

App lock pro (One of the best app locker)
App lock pro (One of the best app locker)

The App lock pro app is one of the most popular app lockers that can lock your app or photos easily. This app locker is the best way to prevent intruders who want to open your locked apps without your permission. In this app locker you can blocks notification of locked apps if you want.

With the help of this app locker feature you can lock your private apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, setting, messages and many other apps. This locker can lock your app by fingerprint, pattern lock, pin lock, and knock code lock.

You can set additional security precaution by activating this feature it will show a face error message when you locked this app and tried to open again.

Pros –

  • In this app locker you get high security option: when anyone tries to open your locked files and app, this app will automatically take selfie photo from front camera and save it.
  • If a password is entered incorrectly 5 times, the spy alarm will be ringing loudly.

Cons –

  • When you customize and using this app locker theme an ad occur at top of the screen every single time.
  • In this app locker you didn’t get double lock system.
  • Over all the app is good but one problem is when you want to delete the app it doesn’t require the password.

2. App Locker by Domobile

This app locker can hide your Instagram, snapchats, WhatsApp, telegram, gallery and many other app that you want to safe from seeing anyone other. In this locker you can hide large amounts of photos and videos there are no limit is given to store data.

In this app locker has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock so, you have to no worry about people may peep the password and pattern. Sync in to cloud is free that give large space to store.

Pros –

  • In this app locker your photos, video and other files will be safe with its high security features of password, pattern and fingerprint lock.
  • You can easily change this app locker icon design as calculator lock or compass.

Cons –

  • If you have stored your data in this app and you had never open this locker for few months first of all it takes a update to switch on latest version and when how want to back up your data that you save in it.

3. Apex Launcher

This Apex Launcher is the one of the best launcher that’s helps you hide your private app like Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, setting, incoming call and many other app that you choose to hide. In this app you can customizable your own app lock at any time.

With the help of this launcher you can protect your privacy anytime anywhere. In this launcher you can customize your home screen and app drawer grid size with personalized theme & icon pack. You get custom icon, theme and labels for shortcut and folders.

Pros –

  • You have to never worry about someone snooping around your private data because the apex launcher supports app lock protection through setting pattern or pin password.
  • You can restore your data when someone deletes your app.

Cons –

  • When you want to add widgets to home screen it take some times to amylase all widgets.
  • This apex is launcher is good but it takes long time to start up.

4. Calculator App Lock

This app locker is the vault app that can secretly lock photos & hide videos. Your files will be secretly stored in a vault and no one can view hidden folders or privacy files except yourself in calculator.   In this app locker you can make multiple gallery vaults with different passwords to lock photos, videos.

This is a great privacy protection application to easily calculator locks apps photos and videos you don’t want others to see on your android device with calculator lock .With this locker you get a privacy guard which keeps others away from your private videos and files.

If you want to open your calculator lock app privacy folder you have to enter your password and press the ‘=’ button and it will open.

Pros –

  • Secret calculator lock keeps your photos and video safe and private.
  • You can restore your encrypted file by long press on the encrypted file and you will enter the edit mode and you can restore it by using the restore button.

Cons –

  • By using this app the some ads appear and it can disturb you when you are working in this app.
  • In this app some ads appear after you have purchased premium ads blocking.
  • Sometimes the file like photo and video can be deleted which you have hide in it.

5. AVG security & virus cleaner

This is a app which provide you mobile security and app locker: security help you to protect your android from harmful viruses and malware and the app locker keep your personal data safe and secure from others. It provides you vpn protection to secure your online privacy.

This app gives you information about many things such as if your password are compromised, it has scam protection that scan websites to see which ones are real and fake. You can hide your private photos in a password protected vaults to prevent snooping.

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This app will give information if any app or websites is taking your data. This app uses the device administrator permission for do best work.

Pros –

  • With this app you get notified if a new leak puts your data at risk, you can discover the details behind each leak and when they happened.
  • This app protects your private photos and videos with their 3 type of lock that are pin, password and fingerprint.
  • You can change your password anytime and anywhere.

Cons –

  • In this app most of the good things you need are locked and if you want to open that feature you have buy the app subscription.
  • If you are doing something on this app when it is done an ads come and disturb you.

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