How to Get Amazon Prime Yearly Membership In Almost Free

How to Get Amazon Prime Yearly Membership In Almost Free
How to Get Amazon Prime Yearly Membership In Almost Free

Hey guys, I think you are considering how getting rupees 1499 for Amazon Prime for free is possible. Wait don’t panic it is possible guys today. I will explain how you will get it for free, so read this article until the end to know all the steps. There is always a question in our mind as to why we take membership subscriptions. So here the information and benefits of having Prime memberships:-

As we know, Amazon is the best e-commerce website for online shopping, and if you order something, it charges a delivery fee of some amount. But if you get Amazon Prime Yearly Membership you will get the delivery free. So it is one of the best benefits of having a membership.

Nowadays it also provides entertainment subscriptions under Prime Yearly Membership, which means you can also enjoy watching movies, web series, and many more. They have a separate App and Website for this, Prime Videos.

If you are a music lover, you can enjoy an Amazon Music Subscription with 100 Million Songs & Podcasts. Think once guys if you take a separate music subscription from any other music app it will cost around 699 per year and here you will get it free.

One more benefit is that you will get 1 day of early access to every sale that goes live on Amazon. Amazon has a sale for Prime Membership users known as the Prime Day Sale and is only accessible if you have a Prime subscription. It comes for 2 days only on Amazon E-commerce website. So, if you don’t have it, you can’t access it.

Youth Offer

Amazon also runs a Youth Offer which provides 50% Cashback of your annual charges. So, If their charge for a yearly membership is Rs. 1499/-, you will get Rs. 749 as cashback in your Amazon Pay wallet.

Let me describe more Youth Offer and how you can get this offer. So basically amazon launched this offer for students who can’t afford a high amount of membership so to claim this offer your age should be 18-24 only.

Let’s see the process of getting an Amazon Prime Yearly Subscription for free:-

First Buy ₹1499 Amazon Gift Card From Paytm & Apply Promo code “AMZPRIME015” to Get an Instant Discount of ₹225 while Payment.

Apply Promo code "AMZPRIME015"
Apply Promo code “AMZPRIME015”

Second Step Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card by Clicking below link:-

Third step Click the Below Link and buy the Youth Offer subscription (You must Use the Gift Card that you bought from Paytm):-

Amazon Youth Offer
Amazon Youth Offer
  • You have to claim the first Youth Offer For Rs. 749 Cashback. You must verify your identity with One Government Document and One Live Selfie to claim.
  • After verification, you will get cashback in your Amazon Pay Wallet within 24 hours.
  • Amazon provides Rs. 150 Cashback for listening to music on Amazon Music. Note this offer is only for specific Accounts, if you’re lucky then you will get it.

Discount Details

So You got a Rs. 225 Discount From Paytm and Rs. 749 Cashback from Amazon for Youth Offer, and If you are lucky you also get Rs. 150 Cashback from Amazon Music. (If not Get Cashback from Amazon Music – Rs. 225 + Rs. 749 = 974), (If got Amazon Music Cashback – Rs. 225 + Rs. 749 + 150 = 1124)

Rest Amount you can grab more cashback from doing Recharge, paying Electricity bills, and many more. This means you will get a free Amazon Yearly Membership.

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