Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000

Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000
Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000

When buying the Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000 is a difficult task and find the best CPU cooler and I have an already a pc and I need 1 Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000 and got confused then I research properly and after then I contact with many pc component sellers with this, it took me approx 6 hrs.

Whether after impressive CPU overclocks or just looking to build a PC that stays quiet under load, you should choose your cooler carefully.

Picking the best CPU cooler for your processor is a crucial decision in any CPU upgrade or new PC build.

The best CPU cooler will significantly affect your system’s temperatures, noise, and even performance – especially if you’re overclocking.

If your CPU cooler can’t keep up with the heat your processor is generating, that may result in lower performance or possibly even a shorter lifespan for your processor—and clearly, no one wants that.

If you’re not sure if you want to go the air-cooling route (a big metal heatsink with fans) or opt for a liquid-cooled AIO (a pump attached to a radiator and fans), there are a few things to consider.

Large air coolers tend to take up more internal space in your PC case, or at the very least they need more vertical clearance off your best motherboard, which can limit your case options.

Air coolers can also be louder and less efficient than liquid coolers at moving heat away from your CPU and out of the chassis.

Air coolers usually cost less than AIOs, though that line is also blurring as AIO coolers are getting increasingly affordable, while high-end air coolers reach toward and sometimes above the 50000 rupee range.

If money isn’t a major concern and silent operation and low temperatures are important to you, you may want to consider a custom cooling loop.

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When choosing the best gaming CPU cooler for your needs, consider the following:

On a recent Ryzen CPU? You may not need to buy a cooler, but it depends on the model.

If opting for a large air cooler, be sure to check clearances before buying.

Remember that, all else being equal, more fans equals better cooling, but more noise.

Are you looking to overclock your processor and push it to extreme levels of performance? If so, then you need to spend more to get a higher-end cooler.

Air Cooling vs AIO Coolers

Air cooling vs liquid cooling is a big decision for system builders and each cooling option has its pros and cons, which we have covered in detail in this article here.

But, here are the main pros and cons of each style of cooler to help you decide which option is better for you:

Liquid Cooling Pros

High-end liquid coolers and custom liquid cooling setups can achieve better temperatures than the best air coolers can.

Liquid coolers have lower profiles than air coolers and, as such, they don’t typically cause clearance issues with memory, case fans, and other components close to the motherboard’s CPU socket.

Liquid Cooling Cons

These coolers have a lower price-to-performance ratio than air coolers do.

Coolers require more maintenance and present the risk of leaking

Air Cooling Pros

On average, air coolers offer great performance for the price you pay.

Coolers require little-to-no maintenance and will typically last longer.

Air Cooling Cons

These coolers aren’t typically suitable for setups that need extreme cooling.

Some higher-end air coolers can be very bulky and cause clearance issues (memory, case fans, motherboard components, etc.

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The Best Air Coolers You Can Buy Today

1. Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth Best Big Air CPU Cooler

Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000
Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth Best Big Air CPU Cooler

The Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth cooler is an air cooler that is designed to work on a wide variety of sockets, including:

  • Intel’s LGA1151200/1366/2011/2011-3/2066, AMD’s AM2(+)/AM3(+)/AM4/FM1/FM2(+).

LGA1700 support is marked with an asterisk as only the “new packaging design” includes the mounting kit, otherwise, you’ve got to order one up through the CM store.

Cooler Master emphasizes the use of the black aluminium cover as a way to show a premium finish on the unit.

The Easy Mounting System shows just through the top, allowing you to mount the unit without removing fans or the need for a really large screwdriver.

The Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth is the first Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000 that could keep our overclocked configuration from crashing at minimum fan speeds.

The Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth is a very large dual-tower cube with fans that attach to your preferred CPU socket and is about as beefy as the Dark Rock Pro 4 and Noctua D15.

Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 comes with a 5-year warranty. As it operates on that tier, it gave us high expectations for performance, and quite frankly, it delivered.

If you are in the market for one of the Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000 you can get with your hard-earned dollars, Stealth should be on your shortlist.


  • Great cooling performance.
  • An integrated centre fan simplifies installation.
  • Additional 120mm fan for tall DIMMs.


  • Premium price.

2. Deepcool Assassin III Best Big Air CPU Cooler Alternative

Deepcool Assassin III Best Big Air CPU Cooler Alternative
Deepcool Assassin III Best Big Air CPU Cooler Alternative

Meet Deepcool Assassin III Review – a cold, quiet, efficient and stylish, with a TDP of 280W, the ASSASSIN III is the fiercest heat killer.

A bold tagline was t forward by the pool. There are prominent differences when it comes to the Assassin III vs the Assassin II.

Deepcool has used 7x sinter heat pipes which gives them the benefit of more inner surface area for effective heat dissipation

What this Deepcool Assassin III CPU Cooler does, it’s not the looks, but the performance.

  • 7 heat pipes, dual 140mm performance fans, 280W TDP.
  • Minimalistic style, mirror-finish nickel cover and obsidian-like spoiler.
  • 54mm RAM clearance, 138mm wide and 165mm tall.
  • New sinter heat pipe technology that extensively increased the heat transfer efficiency.
  • Heatpipes and fins are assembled by a solder reflow process, with long-lasting deformation resistance.
  • Patented two-layer fan blades that amplify the airflow up to 2.5m³/minute.
  • Unique fan frame design that elevates air pressure and lower noise.

They are using Fluid Dynamic bearings. The frame is narrow in the middle but wide around the outer rim. Hence the airflow gains higher pressure passing through the frame.

Deepcool has released Assassin III recently and is confident enough to challenge the current high-performance CPU air cooler.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Silent operation.
  • Excellent thermal performance.


  • Lack of RGB lighting options.
  • Incomplete AMD and Intel CPU socket support.

3. Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M Best Mid-size Air CPU Cooler

Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M
Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M Best Mid-size Air CPU Cooler

The Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M impresses as an excellent-performing, mid-size Heatpipe cooler accompanied by RGB lighting capability and a quasi-rugged stance atop any gaming build.

The MasterAir MA410M TUF Gaming Edition is a pretty standard-looking 120mm tower Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000. It features a shroud that improves the general aesthetics aside from directing airflow towards the rear fan.

The fans here sport yellow vibration dampeners as well as the TUF Gaming Alliance logo on the fans.

The fans are pretty unique, as both the fans have the hub on the inner side. It might make installation just slightly confusing, but once you recognize the orientation of the blades, you will find it very easy to install them.

You get a cooler that runs pretty quietly, nice lights, and even a simple way to keep tabs on your CPU temperatures.


  • Excellent cooling performance.
  • The mid-size cooler occupies less space.
  • The thermal probe provides a thermal load display via RGB lighting.


  • Fans kick up a bit more noise than others by comparison.

4. Noctua NH-U14S Best AMD Threadripper Air CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-U14S Best AMD Threadripper
Noctua NH-U14S Best AMD Threadripper Air CPU Cool

Noctua offers a very large selection of CPU coolers, with at least one product per cooler type.

The NH-U14S is their version of a single tower cooler that makes use of a 140 mm fan and, according to Noctua, it has been designed to offer the best possible overall performance while staying clear of the LGA2011/LGA2066 RAM slots.

It also is slightly taller than the other coolers in this review, even if only by 4-5 mm (0.15”-0.2”).

The company characterizes the NH-U14S as a “slim” cooler, but the dense fin array is 52 mm deep and 150 mm wide, providing more than ample heat dissipation surface. In theory, the Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000 should be able to handle thermal loads well above 200 Watts. The top fin of the array is not thicker but has the company’s logo and name engraved on it.

The NH-U14S makes use of six thick heat pipes to transfer the heat from the base of the cooler to its fin array.

The heat pipes are made of copper but are nickel plated. The joints are all soldered, ensuring maximum thermal transfer and mechanical cohesion.

The NH-U14S from Noctua is an amazing cooler. Its performance has it taken on some of the best-performing air coolers in the industry.

The Noctua NH-U14S is a very quiet cooler with a performance that gives heavyweight competitors a run for their money.

If you are in the market for a CPU cooler, and it has to perform well while being quiet, the NH-U14S is a great option.

The quality of the product, along with its features, make it a solid choice. Just be mindful of the price increase if you want to run two NF-A15 fans.


  • Excellent performance.
  • Very low noise levels.
  • Simple, secure installation.


  • Premium price.
  • Tall cooler height poses compatibility issues in smaller cases.

5. Zalman CNPS10x Performa Black Best Budget Air CPU Cooler For Gaming

Zalman CNPS10x Performa Black Best Budget Air CPU Cooler
Zalman CNPS10x Performa Black Best Budget Air CPU Cooler

The Zalman CNPS10x Performa Black is a mid-size, quad-heat pipe cooler that features a jet-black motif and a single, ultra-silent 135mm fan that rips through CPU thermal loads for your multi-core desktop enthusiast processor.

Looking firstly at the CPU cooler heatsink itself, Zalman has gone with an all-black design.

This has a matte finish that is what I would describe as pure black. The design is very quiet; that is strong praise.

Specifications and Features (taken from manufacturer webpage):

  • 135mm Annular Fan.
  • Asymmetric heat pipes for installation space.
  • Motherboard VRM cooling.
  • Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology.
  • PWM fan with automatic speed control.
  • ZM-STC8 thermal compound.
  • Modern Intel and AM4 socket support.

The Zalman CNPS10x Performa Black ships with mounting hardware to support most Intel desktop CPU sockets and AMD AM4, by making use of a universal backplate

A low price point and cooling potential that nips at the heels of the pack leaders put the Zalman CNPS10x Performa Black in a strong position to be a system builder favorite when extra rupee needs to be spent on other components.

Zalman has given the system build community an excellent, no-frills cooling option that looks great and lets you focus your money where it needs to go.


  • Excellent performance.
  • Budget price.
  • Extremely silent operation.


  • Spring tension screws are not integrated into the mounting base.

Your computer’s processor is one of the most important components inside your system.

And, for it to run properly, you need to ensure that it doesn’t get too hot.

Fortunately, if you choose the right CPU cooler for your processor you can help ensure that it operates at appropriate temperatures.

Thanks! to the availability of all-in-one (AIO) liquid Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000.

These cooling units are self-contained, meaning you don’t have to worry about spilling water on your expensive gaming PC components, and they are incredibly easy to install.

As a bonus, they are usually far quieter and take up less room than air cooling components.

How Does Liquid Cooler work anyway?

The coolant passes through a closed loop via a plate that’s attached to your CPU, and in combination with the attached radiator and fan, it cools the CPU. It’s simple and a hundred times easier to install than an entire water-cooling loop.

1. Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT Best Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT
Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT Best Liquid CPU Cooler For Gaming

This 240mm cooler comes with socket support for the latest AMD and Intel processors, including AMD’s Threadripper processors.

Pulling heat away from your CPU with a copper cold plate, it pumps liquid into a 240mm radiator fitted with two Corsair ML Series 120mm fans.

It runs quietly and efficiently when your CPU is running cool, and it tops out at 37dBA when running at maximum (75CFM).

Managing the AIO cooler is also simple. You can control fan and pump speeds from within Corsair’s iCUE software right on your PC, and monitor CPU temperature to make sure your settings are giving you optimal performance.

 If visual flair is also your thing, the pump has 16 RGB LEDs on the head, and you can manage each light with the iCUE software, too.

Corsair is a well-known and respected brand, and there is a reason for that. This is a high-quality liquid cooler, which is why it gets our top spot.

Reasons to buy:-

  • High-performing 240mm AIO cooling.
  • iCUE software suite allows for customized cooler and lighting control.
  • Priced well for premium performance.

Reasons to avoid:-

  • Noisy fans at 100% speed.
  • Awkward, small screws are used to secure fans to the radiator.
  • The RGB lighting is pump-only.

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2. Lian Li Galahad Best Budget Liquid CPU Cooler

Lian Li Galahad
Lian Li Galahad Best Budget Liquid CPU Cooler For Gaming

This AIO Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000 has a sizable 240mm radiator and dual 120mm fans.

The fans and water pump housing also feature RGB lighting, and the kit includes thermal paste, meaning you’ll have everything you need to get up and running.

The Lian Li Galahad’s fans can generate 2.79mmH2O of air pressure and 72CFM of airflow.

The fans are rated to run for 40,000 hours, while the pump is rated for 70,000 hours, meaning tons of value for your rupee

Competitive pricing and excellent performance mean the Galahad AIO 240 makes an impressive first splash.

Reasons to Buy:-

  • Great 240mm thermal performance.
  • Aluminum trim provides premium appeal.
  • RGB lighting compatible with 3-pin (5v) motherboards.

Reasons to avoid:-

  • Elevated fan noise at 100% RPM.
  • Lack of software management UI.

3. Deepcool Captain 240 Pro V2 Best Ultra Cheap Liquid CPU Cooler

Deepcool Captain 240 Pro V2 Best Ultra
Deepcool Captain 240 Pro V2 Best Ultra Cheap Liquid CPU Cooler For Gaming

Looking for an all-in-one liquid cooler with a 240mm radiator, wide compatibility, RGB options, and a low price? This is the one for you.

This Deepcool cooler has a big radiator with two fans and adjustable RGB lighting on those fans, the water pump, and more.

Motherboard connectivity allows you to link and sync with your existing RGB setup, with direct control available via “on cable” controls.

The Deepcool Captain 240 Pro V2 is the complete package, and you can set it up with a wide variety of builds thanks to extensive socket compatibility (including AMD’s AM4 and TR4 sockets and Intel’s LGA20XX and LGA1200 sockets).

The Captain 240 Pro T is slightly higher in price than much of the competition, but the keen-eyed buyer who sees the value in Deepcool’s 240mm liquid cooler knows precisely what they want in this gem of a cooler.

Reasons to buy:-

  • Attractive RGB lighting effects.
  • Threadripper support.
  • Anti-leak pressure relief.

Reasons to avoid:-

  • No software suite to control RGB and cooler configuration.

4. NZXT Kraken X53 Best 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler For Gaming

NZXT Kraken X53 Best 240mm Liquid
NZXT Kraken X53 Best 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler For Gaming

The NZXT Kraken X53 is the Best CPU Cooler For Gaming Under 20000 and successor to our longtime favorite NZXT Kraken X52 that features some major improvements to look better and cool more efficiently. (We’ve seen this cooler easily keep an Intel Core i7-9700K running at full tilt, well under 50 degrees Celsius.) It’s available in 120mm, 240mm, and 360mm.

If you love flair, it also features a unique-looking “infinity mirror” lighting setup, creating seemingly endless rings of RGB light.

The X53 RGB is impressive, simply due to the design, newer 7th-gen Asetek pump, and included Aer RGB fans. It can easily handle a wide range of Intel or AMD processors, but it’s a little pricey compared to its competition.

Reasons to buy:-

  • Impressive 7th Gen Asetek pump.
  • LCD infinity effect on the CPU block.
  • Good performance with 240mm radiator.
  • NZXT RGB Aer fans included.
  • CAM software is finally worth using.

Reasons to avoid:-

  • Pricey.
  • No direct fan control.

5. EVGA CLC 280mm Best 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler For Gaming

EVGA CLC 280mm Best 280mm Liquid
EVGA CLC 280mm Best 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler For Gaming

EVGA is a big name in PC components, and this new 280 CLC is one of the best values available in closed-loop cooling space, and the pump is built with Asetek’s Gen5 tech, which is known for reliability & efficiency.

It uses a 280mm radiator with twin whisper-quiet fans and has beautifully designed LED integration on the water block.

The included EVGA Flow Control software allows you to control the fan and pump speed (RPM), as well as the RGB lighting on the block.

EVGA’s CLC 280 combines tried-and-true cooler technology with high-speed fans to produce the ultimate cooling 2x 140mm system.

Reasons to buy:-

  • Excellent CPU cooling performance.
  • Exceptional voltage-regulator cooling performance (when top-mounted).
  • PWM fans can be controlled by a motherboard or onboard controller.

Reasons to avoid:-

  • Somewhat The onboardOnboard controller the DDS to price.


Is cooler necessary for gaming?

But while a CPU cooler might be less flashy than one of the best graphics cards, it’s crucial for any build. You do need a CPU cooler in your gaming PC because it’s what keeps your CPU running cool enough to churn out those all-important frames without succumbing to self-induced heat death.

Is air cooler enough for gaming?

Air cooling works just fine for most tasks. In most cases, high temperatures will not be an issue unless you are pushing your PC to its limits. Activities such as 4k gaming or detail-heavy rendering, however, may be too much for air-cooled machines.

What happens if you have no CPU cooler?

If you don’t have or use a heatsink and fan assembly to cool your processor, it will overheat.

How important is a CPU cooler?

CPU coolers are designed to dissipate heat produced by the processor that sits at the heart of your PC.

Can liquid cooling leak?

There’s a very small chance it will occur as long as you don’t remove it too often.

How many CPU coolers do you need?

Only 1 CPU cooler is needed. Most CPUs come with stock coolers that don’t appear on build lists. Additional AIOs can potentially be used to cool GPUs, with aftermarket adapters. Don’t confuse CPU coolers with Case fans.


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