Best Trimmer Under 1000 In India 2022

Best Trimmer Under 1000 In India
Best Trimmer Under 1000 In India

Are you looking for the best trimmer in India? If, yes then you have landed at the right place. Friends if you have a tight budget of 1000 and you are looking for the best trimmers then am sure you will get your choice from our list. We have selected the best for you all. In this article, you will know about featured and safety trimmers that are available in the market.

Trimmers are going essential nowadays because people do not have time to go to the salon and wait for their time. They need easy and fast work. Nowadays people can do their shave at home but for that, they need the best trimmers and easy-to-understand settings. Which helps them to do shave faster with safety. By using a trimmer at home they save much time and money also.

Let us know about our selected trimmers:-

1. MI Cordless Beard Trimmer

“Xiaomi” is one of the most popular brands in making the best quality with the best features electronics. Xiaomi has launched its latest the best trimmer for its users. We all know about the Xiaomi brand it always provides us with the best quality at a reasonable price. Overall it is the best product that’s why we are introducing it first in our list. The Mi Waterproof Beard Trimmer comes with 40 incredible settings and can be adjusted from 0.5 mm and can go up to 20mm.

If we talk about its build quality and design then it will be the first choice. It is a lightweight trimmer with a good design. Its settings are so easy to understand and easy to use. It is a waterproof trimmer as Xiaomi promised. It comes with 60 minutes of cordless run-time power. It takes 2 hours to do a full charge. It supports indicators that will help you to know how much it is charged and how much to be charged more. You can easily take this on your travel tour with safety because it comes with a travel lock feature. Xiaomi is providing this trimmer with a 1-year warranty. It has got an excellent rating on the online store of 4.3 out of 5 by 26.2k users.

2. SYSKA HT200U Beard Pro Trimmer

SYSKA is also one of the most popular brands in India. We love to introduce SYSKA because it makes the best quality products and provides those products at a reasonable price. It is the best trimmer under the budget of 1000. SYSKA has made this with high-quality plastic which makes it lightweight as well as stylish. It comes in black color.

It comes with a washable trimmer head which is quite good for us. It can be used cordless for up to 40 minutes on a single charge. It takes 6hours to do a full charge. The indicator indicates the charging. It is a low-noise operation trimmer. The Syska HT200U features a high-quality stainless steel blade that does its job very well. SYSKA has provided this with a 2-year warranty. It has also got an excellent rating on online stores. It is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 11.6k users. You can imagine product quality by the ratings.

3. VEGA Men X1 Beard Trimmer

Vega Beard Trimmers are crafted with perfection for the man who settles for nothing but the best. VEGA Men X1 trimmer comes with a textured body in two unique prints, the army print and the cool chequered print which looks stylish and the design is also good. You can use it for 10 minutes after charging for 5 minutes if you are in hurry. It has features of 40 length settings from 0.5mm to 20mm to trim all your varied beard phases to the exact length.

It comes with fast charging support. It takes 90 minutes for a full charge and after a full charge, you can use it for a long time of 90 minutes without plug-in again into an electric board. Vega has launched this with the support of IPX 7 Waterproof, which will keep your trimmer safe for a long time. The settings are so easy to understand and easy to use. It is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 3.4k users.

4. Kubra KB-1001 Beard Trimmer

Kubra KB-1001 is also a good trimmer to buy for use. It comes with an eco-friendly budget of under 1000 people. Kubra has made this trimmer in two unique colors, blue and black, It looks like a premium trimmer. Kubra has provided this trimmer with 2-year warranty support. It supports USB fast charging. It comes with 90 minutes of cordless run-time. You can charge it for 90 minutes and use it for the next 90 minutes cordless.

You can carry it easily and go traveling. It supports security cutting head & special cleaning to shave & shape the beard without causing cuts or damage to the skin. It is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 4.7k users. Almost many users are using this trimmer for their personal uses.

5. Lifelong Trimmer

Lifelong is also becoming popular in the market. It is especially making accessories for men and women. It is a very budgeted trimmer, it comes under 700. If we talk about its design and product quality then it is good. It has a simple look but it looks good. It takes up to 8 hours to fully charge but after a full charge, you can use it for 50 minutes cordless. It has an indicator that shows the charging. It is a lightweight trimmer which is also a good part of this trimmer.

Lifelong has provided this trimmer with a 1-year warranty. You can change the length settings from 0.4 to 10mm as your need. It has stainless steel blades that will help you to shave safely without any cuts. It is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 11k users which means many people are using this and they are getting the best experience from this trimmer.

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