Top 10 Best Chopping Boards In India

Top 10 Best Chopping Boards In India
Top 10 Best Chopping Boards In India

The kitchen is the center of the home and where the magic happens. However, specific appliances and equipment are required for this to occur. A cutting board is one example of such equipment. While this may appear mundane, its significance is often underestimated and minimized. If you have been attempting to chop fruits, veggies, and meats on your kitchen slab, you have been doing it incorrectly. Your one-stop answer is a kitchen cutting board.

This simple kitchen staple may be a game-changer and a lifesaver. It lets you slice and dices your veggies with unprecedented ease and precision. You can now slice vegetables and cut meat into little pieces with a cutting board.

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Let’s check out our top 10 chopping boards –

1. Royal Craft Wood Premium Bamboo Chopping Board Set

Royal Craft Wood Premium Bamboo Chopping Board Set
Royal Craft Wood Premium Bamboo Chopping Board Set

This set consists of three pieces of varying sizes. The set has a small, medium, and giant cutting board suitable for chopping vegetables, fruits, and meats. Each is double-sided and equipped with side handles, enabling the cutting boards to be used as serving trays.

The cutting board is made entirely of bamboo, rendering it non-toxic and giving a smooth surface that does not dull blades. Additionally, its surface is water-resistant and simple to clean.

This indicates that the board will absorb less moisture from fresh produce and need minimal care. These boards include grooves around the whole perimeter to avoid spillage.

2. Amazon Solimo Plastic Cutting Board

Amazon Solimo Plastic Cutting Board
Amazon Solimo Plastic Cutting Board

This Amazon cutting board is rectangular and constructed of plastic. The cutting board is toxin-free and safe to use since it is made of high-quality food-grade plastic.

The consistent turquoise hue makes it seem appealing and not too ostentatious. The board is intended for daily usage and features a rough surface that makes it simple to chop fruits and vegetables.

The board’s bottom features an anti-skid design that provides the essential grip for chopping meat. The cutting board includes a side handle, is lightweight, and is easily stowed. It is also dishwasher safe, which reduces the need for manual cleaning.

3. Plastic Chopping Board

Joseph Plastic Chopping Board
Joseph Plastic Chopping Board

It has been cleverly created for cutting fruits, greens, and meats. The inclined surface with rounded edges makes collecting liquids from vegetables, fruits, and meats simple.

One of the board’s sides is specifically built for meats, featuring flesh grip-like grooves. The board’s button has an anti-slip design that keeps the board in place when cutting.

The board is typical in size and manufactured of food-grade plastic. It is also dishwasher-safe and simple to keep on any kitchen shelf. This cutting board is available in three different colors: green, red, and white.

4. Anjali Cutting and Washing Deluxe Cutting Board

Anjali Cutting and Washing Deluxe Cutting Board
Anjali Cutting and Washing Deluxe Cutting Board

This Anjali board provides the dual duty of chopping and washing fruits, veggies, and meats, as the name implies. The washing tray includes many perforations to enable water to drain. The whole board has a wood-like appearance but is composed of food-grade plastic.

A tempered magnetic stainless blade is mounted from one side to the chopping board. The 2-sided razor-sharp blade quickly slices through all veggies. The 1.34-pound rectangular-shaped board is simple to clean.

5. Hokipo Bamboo Chopping Board

Hokipo Bamboo Chopping Board
Hokipo Bamboo Chopping Board

The reversibility of this cutting board is one of its most notable qualities. Users may utilize either side of the chopping board with this choice. Because of its low absorption and non-toxic qualities, bamboo is one of the finest materials for chopping boards.

The board is extremely thick, with sides measuring 1.8 cm, which prevents it from splitting and warping over time. You will no longer have to deal with dull knives thanks to their high-quality surface.

The handle at the cutting board’s head makes it portable and simple to mount on the wall. This cutting board comes in three sizes: medium, big, and extra-large.

6. Amar Impex Premium Plastic Cutting Board

Amar Impex Premium Plastic Cutting Board
Amar Impex Premium Plastic Cutting Board

It includes a built-in handle for added assistance while unloading the contents of the chopping board into culinary utensils.

The chopping board’s surface is textured to give grip when cutting and to decrease knife dullness. It is rust-free, corrosion-free, and dishwasher-safe since it is composed of food-grade plastic.

It boasts a lightweight and compact design, weighing 150 grams and measuring 12 inches, allowing for simple handling and storage. A steel knife with a plastic grip is included with the green cutting board.

7. Wood Chop Single Block Wooden Chopping Board

Wood Chop Single Block Wooden Chopping Board
Wood Chop Single Block Wooden Chopping Board

This cutting board is constructed entirely of acacia wood. It is made from a single piece of wood, making it very robust due to the lack of seams and glue.

The board’s surface features a natural wood grain finish and a reversible pattern. The board is exceptionally thick to prevent breaking over time. The odeon surface is gentle on your blades and will not dull them even after extended usage.

The circular cutout on the upper left-hand side of the board acts as a handle and a hook for handling the board. This cutting board, like most others, is rectangular. It comes in a variety of sizes, from small to X-large.

8. OrganizeMee Stainless Steel Cutting Board

OrganizeMee Stainless Steel Cutting Board
OrganizeMee Stainless Steel Cutting Board

This rectangular-shaped cutting board is made of softer steel by the business. Softer steel does not quickly dull blades, enabling them to stay sharp. Steel chopping boards, as opposed to wooden and plastic cutting boards, are more robust and can survive the test of time.

This board’s surface has a glossy textured finish that makes it seem trendy and will improve the aesthetic of your kitchen. The smooth steel edges are well-rounded to avoid scratching surfaces such as marble and glass. The cutting board features a handle that makes it simple to transport and store.

9. Zircon Thick Bamboo Kitchen Cutting Board

Zircon Thick Bamboo Kitchen Cutting Board
Zircon Thick Bamboo Kitchen Cutting Board

This board is free of chemicals and safe to use in the kitchen since it is made of organic and sustainable 100% bamboo. Zircon promises that its cutting board will not fracture under knife pressure due to its better structure. This cutting board is ideal for slicing vegetables, fruits, and meats. It is small and simple to store, with a length of 32 cm and a width of 22 cm.

The brown rectangular cutting board is lightweight as well, making it simple to clean after each usage. The board has a built-in handle that makes it easy to use. If you’re searching for a bamboo cutting board that’s both tiny and functional, this might be the one.

10. Yellow Weaves Natural Bamboo Chopping Board

Yellow Weaves Natural Bamboo Cutting Board
Yellow Weaves Natural Bamboo Cutting Board

It is tilted on one side to reduce spillage while chopping meats, fruits, and greens. This board is made entirely of premium-grade bamboo wood.

The manufacturer selected a 1.8 cm thick piece of wood to assure longevity and excellent cutting. The cutting board is anti-mold and environmentally friendly. It is simple to wash, handle, and store thanks to the neat cut-out handle.

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How To Choose The Perfect Chopping Board?


The material of a chopping board should be chosen depending on your needs and specifications. If chopping is your major concern, it is best to invest in a plastic chopping board. However, cutting boards made of wood or bamboo are more suited to chopping fruits and vegetables. This creates an ideal circumstance in which two different cutting boards are kept, one for meats and the other for fruits and greens.

Size and shape:-

Cutting boards come in a variety of sizes. When it comes to forms, rectangular and circular are two of the most common. The rectangular cutting boards are the more popular of the two. It is best to get a cutting board that is not too large to fit on a kitchen shelf. Purchase one that fits your kitchen’s size constraints. Before selecting a cutting board, be sure to verify the measurements.

Cutting surface:-

The rough and rugged surface is the most ideal surface for cutting and chopping. However, this is purely situational, since there are times when a flat surface outperforms a curved one. A rough surface is excellent for minimizing fluid spills while chopping meats or tomatoes. In the case of dry foods such as onions and carrots, a level surface is preferable.

Non-skid feet:-

This is one of the most underappreciated features, yet it may make a significant impact. When chopping fruits, meats, and vegetables, anti-skid feet guarantee that the board stays level and does not wobble.

Conclusion – When cutting vegetables and fruits, using the proper chopping board might help you avoid making a mess in your kitchen. Check the material of the chopping board and make sure it meets your needs before purchasing it. Always choose a board that is of reasonable size and can serve several functions. Check that the chopping board is strong enough to withstand heavy-duty chopping in the kitchen and does not wear out easily.


1. Which type of cutting board is best?

Rubber cutting boards, which are even softer than hardwood cutting boards, are the most regularly used in restaurants. We recommend these boards for all cutting operations, even raw meat. “They’re robust.

2. What chopping board do chefs use?

Plastic Chopping Boards – Because of their longevity, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) chopping boards are the most widely utilized in industrial kitchens.

3. Is bamboo cutting board better than wood?

When compared to wood, bamboo has a greater porosity rating than other wood varieties, making it a less hygienic alternative for a cutting board. Pores in wood and bamboo cutting boards may trap moisture and germs, allowing mold to form.



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