Best Geyser Under 5000 In India

Best Geysers Under 5000 In India
Best Geysers Under 5000 In India

Geyser is the most used appliance in the winter season. In India, most people use geysers in the winter season to warm water for their activities like Taking Baths, Cleaning, Washing Clothes, and others. And we all know that Winter Season has come in India. There are also some other ways that Indians use warm water, but geysers help us to save time and LPG gas also.

Guys, if you take bath with cold water in the winter season, it’s a big thought, but many people need hot water to take bath. So, they need the best geyser. Therefore, we have selected the best geysers for you all at a reasonable and affordable price. Because, when people go to buy the best geyser then, they got confused about which should be buying. We know that there are many brands and options available in the market so choosing the best for purchase is difficult for us.

So, guys are you are looking for the best geyser and you have a tight budget of Under 5000 then you come to the right place. Here, Today we are going to share about the best geysers under 5000 in India. There are two types of Geysers available in the market one is “INSTANT WATER HEATER” and the second is “STORAGE WATER HEATER“. In India, there are many brands available like Bajaj, Crompton, Kenstar, Activa, Havells, and many more.

Let us know the difference between “INSTANT” and “STORAGE” Water Heater/Geysers:-


  • Instant water heater allows you to use it in a sufficient place.
  • It is for a small family. If you have a small family then go for it.
  • It can heat water in a small time and it is also good, you do have not to wait for a long time to get hot water.
  • These provide you with hot water as it is needed.
  • Will save you more money because it needs less electricity behind of Storage Water Heater.
  • And the best thing is that you do have not to pay more money for buying this. There are many options are available under 5000 for buying.
  • Its life is more than 20 years. Its parts can easily be replaceable and its life can be extended more.


  • It needs more space for installation.
  • It is for a joint or big family. So, if you have a big or joint family then go for this.
  • Can store hot water for a longer.
  • It takes more time to heat water.
  • This is an expensive comparison to the Instant Water Heater.
  • Its life is also good from 8 years to 12 years.

Best Geysers Under 5000 In India

S. No.Product NameRatingCapacityBuy on Amazon
1.Havells Instanio Instant Water Heater4.2/53LBuy Now
2.Crompton Bliss Instant Water Heater4.1/53LBuy Now
3.Bajaj Splendora Instant Water Heater4.1/53LBuy Now
4.Lifelong Flash Instant Water Heater4.1/53LBuy Now
5.Racold Pronto Stylo Heater4.2/53LBuy Now
6.Bajaj Majesty Duetto Water Heater3.9/56LBuy Now
7.Orient Electric Aqua Spring Storage Water Heater4/510LBuy Now
8.Longway Decora Glass Instant Water Heater4/57LBuy Now
9.Candes Automatic Instant Water Heater3.8/56LBuy Now
10.Havells Carlo Instant Water Heater4.1/53LBuy Now

1. Bajaj Splendora 3L Instant Water Heater

Bajaj Splendora 3L Instant Water Heater

Guys if you are an Indian resident, you must know about the name Bajaj. Bajaj is one of the most popular brands in India which is a more demanding brand in the market. That’s why we decided to keep it at the top of our list. This model has got excellent ratings and reviews in online stores. It means it is a valuable product in this price range.

We also see the design and the design of this Geyser are premium and have a unique look. It comes in Oval Shape with the best build quality at this price. The store capability of this geyser is 3L and it is quite good in this range. It comes with many features that people like most. Bajaj has launched this with multiple safety that’s why people prefer to buy it. You can also use this heater with a high-power water supply because it can handle up to 6 bar pressure. It comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the heating element. It is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 16k users and it is much loved by users.

2. Havells Instanio 3 Liter Instant Water Heater

Another one of the most famous brands in India and the most demanding product in the market. Havells mainly take care of product safety and people safety that’s why it is more demand in the market. Guys, if you are looking for a high-protected safety geyser then go for this. It comes with an eco-friendly budget of under 5000, which means you do have not to pay more for a highly protected safety geyser.

It has made with rust and shockproof ABS outer body, which can last longer than your think. The overall design is quite good because the design is simple and has stylish look, as well as the changing, LED indicator makes it more stylish. This multi-color LED indicator makes you understand the temperature of the water. It can store 3L of water and it is sufficient for a small family. It is rated 4.2 out of 5 by 5.5k users and the rating is telling that it is a good product for buying under 5000.

3. Lifelong Flash Pro Instant Water Heater

If are you looking for a geyser that can handle constant and high water pressure, you can go for this. That’s why we have decided to introduce the Lifelong Flash Instant Heat-Up Geyser to this list. Now let’s take a look at some other considerable features of this geyser, so let’s first discuss the heating element. Here you will get the copper material of the heating element that works on 3000 wattages of power consumption. It takes a few minutes to heat water for your activities.

On the front side, you will get the Neon indicators to let you know about activities such as turning the geyser on and heating the water. It comes with a 2-year brand warranty. This consumes less electricity compared to other geysers, and it will save you from the high bill. It is rated 4.1 out of 5 by 3.2k users. It is a 3000-watt geyser.

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